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Shavahn's very 1st competition was at the gym that her webmasters once trained at.
Shavahn's wore a pink and grey sweatshirt with the superman emblem on the front and people buy her belts and other items with it on them, it is fast becoming her signature. Therefore, an S was added to the front of her website
Shavahn, her mom, and her uncle all share the same birthday of May 3rd!
Shavahn's sister Jade, their Grandmother (maternal), and their Grandmother's younger sister, all share the same birthday of February the 8th.
Shavahn's family emigrated from London, England In mid 1985. Shavahn is the first of her family to be born in the U.S., this is how Shavahn is able to compete for Great Britain.
Shavahn's first coach Ming Ming Yang (Yang Ming Ming in China) was the head coach for the Chinese National team at the 1984 and 1988 Olympics.
Shavahn's level 9 "West Side Story" floor routine was choreographed by Valorie "Miss Val" Kondos-Field of UCLA fame.
Shavahn is the winner of the 2001 "Miss Fitness USA" She not only won her age group but was also declared the overall winner.
Shavahn loves collecting things with fairies on them, she has almost every Tinkerbelle product created!
Shavahn was a member of the 2003/2004 US National Team
During physical abilities testing at a Nat'l Team camp, Shavahn recorded a 23" vertical jump, the highest of anyone!
Shavahn has the 3rd highest elite testing compulsory score since 1998 (38.150)